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Sep 1, 2013 11:23 PM

Brownish powder found on floor

Hi all,


Could anyone shed some light on a brownish powder that keeps appearing (three times now) on my parents bathroom floor-about a spoonful at a time?

Ruled out is a lack of cleanliness on their part or dropping down or off from anywhere or their talcum powder!

If it is wetted it turns into a red, jelly-like consistency.


I'm thinking it must surely be from a spider and possibly be the remains of a half eaten moth it had eaten, but the supposed spider is never seen and the powder appears within the same 10cm circumference each time. 


I perhaps should have done some of my own research first, but I promised my mother I'd write here first, just in case it's a popular occurence with any of you people.


Some of it is in a jar which I'll try to put up via photo for you in the coming days. next time I'm there. 

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    Sep 2, 2013 2:42 PM (in response to Triffid)
    Re: Brownish powder found on floor

    Not so sure that it's caused by a spider. Usually they leave carcasses enshrouded in silk (even delicate moth wings appear relatively intact), when they excrete it's dark droplets.


    Is it a ground floor bathroom, could it be 'sent up' from something digging down/burrowing into the floor, rather than being dropped down onto it?

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