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Aug 11, 2013 7:08 AM

Is this some kind of Widow Spider? Help please!

For reference I live in Northern California, US (North America), 2 hours south of San Francisco in a mountainous area with the Monterey Bay Pacific ocean being 15-20 minutes away.


I found two spiders last night that looked like Black Widow Spiders because it was dark and it scared me, one was almost in the house and the other was right outside. They look a little different, one if them looked more like a black widow and it was just coincidence that I started spraying under the house and the other one came out from hiding. The one that was hiding that did not alarm me as much is the one in the picture. The one that almost got in the house was darker but definitely did not have the red black widow marking.


I was able to spray them so they are intact and I put them in a container. After looking at them in the daylight they are probably Steatoda Grossa or the "False Widow Spider" but I want to make sure plus I have heard that even the False Widow Spider has an unpleasant bite and I also read about a Brown Widow? and  I have two small cats that like to hunt and eat insects and spiders. I have included a picture of one of them. I also happen to be going up to San Francisco on Monday and might bring  the spiders for further identification to a contact a made at the California Academy of Sciences that has helped me with some spider/scorpion identifications in the past. A quick answer would be sooo greatly appreciated as I am still freaked out.


-Erica from California


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