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Apr 26, 2013 5:49 PM

Could anyone help ID this fossil?

I have known about this rock for years but I always thought it to be some sort of masonry work that was abandoned during the building of the local railway tunnels. Whilst out walking with my son the other day I investigated it further and realised it is some sort of fossil. I initially thought it to be some sort of palm tree trunk from the age when my part of Yorkshire was a tropical delta but, I'm unsure trees let alone palm trees are that old. To be honest I know next to nothing about fossils and their origins but my guess is it's some sort of fern tree from the Carboniferous period. The rock it is embedded into must weigh 20+ tonnes and appears to be Yorkshire sandstone. Another guess of mine as to how it came to be situated where it is, is the Navvies must tossed aside all rock that was unusable elsewhere.



Does anyone know what it could be and from what period of time?

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