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Sep 29, 2012 7:33 PM

Spider Identification please

We have found lots of these in our porch and a few in the house. Can you tell me what it is please? Should I be worried as I have two toddlers!


Thank you!

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    Sep 30, 2012 3:02 PM (in response to MrT)
    Re: Spider Identification please

    This looks very much like a male Steatoda...possibly just pale, or sub-adult, the picture isn't too clear, so I would be hesitant about pinning it down to nobilis, or grossa.


    Female Steatoda nobilis (more bulbous abdomens, witha shield like marking) tend to set home in a web and largely stay there. They may share the web with a male. In this case both spiders tend to stick close to home.


    Issues might typically arise from males wandering about looking for a mate and inadvertantly ending up in places they shouldn't. I would be inclined to relocate single and sub-adult males. They are usually happy on external walls, etc. Though they are implicated in bites and certainly not a spider that I would wish to be bitten by, they are not aggressive, usually fleeing from contact with humans. There are probably spiders around your home that are more ready to bite, though none are dangerous to healthy humans.


    If you have a lot of these spiders and they are small (for the species) they may be spiderlings and likely to spread out/disperse to find their own homes.


    I use a plastic pop bottle, with the bottom cut off - BUT THE LID ON, to scoop up wandering males & relocate them. Small ones are great climbers so keep an eye on them even when in the bottle. Females I see no reason to disturb.


    I don't see grossa vey often so hopefully someone else will chime in on them.

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