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Microbial biodiversity

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Corral Bay is small bay on Barff Peninula. The shores along Corral Bay are covered in a maze of tussock grass and big water-filled wallows, which is very common for South Georiga. The bay leads to a small valley with grasslands, bogs and bright green moss streamsWe also got to see a Sooty Albatross (Phoebetria fusca) pair with their chick, which was a real treat for us.


The next day, we were picked up again by the the King Edward Point (KEP) boat crew and headed back to KEP in a slightly choppy sea. There was a lot of ice from icebergs and glaciers, which must have been pushed into this part of Cumberland Bay by the wind.


IMG_8807.jpgView Corral Bay across Cumberland Bay


Water-filled wallow and tussock grass


IMG_8824.jpgSooty Albatross with chick


Hiking inland from Corral Bay



Ice drifiting in the sea