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  • 1 min , 58 secs

    5 years ago by Lisa - NaturePlus host
    On a delightfully sunny spring walk in March, Museum botanist Fred Rumsey encountered a mystery mushroom. He brought it back to the Centre for UK Biodiversity to identify.   Join Fred as he unravels the secrets the mushroom has to tell, sharing fungi identification tips along the way.   Find out what other wildlife Fred saw on his spring walk   Get involved in our identification forums
    0 112 Views
  • 1 min , 14 secs

    6 years ago by Lisa - NaturePlus host
    On a recent winter woodland walk, Museum botanist Fred Rumsey uncovered the cherry stone larder of an unknown animal. He brought some of the stones back to the Angela Marmont Centre for UK Biodiversity to investigate further.   Watch the video to find out the identity of the mystery nibbler.   Discover other winter delights in our woodland walk video   Tell us your own winter wildlife tales   Join in the identification forums
    0 265 Views
  • 1 min , 39 secs

    6 years ago by Lisa - NaturePlus host
    Join Stuart Hine, Manager of the Natural History Museum’s Identification and Advisory Service, as he introduces the cockchafer beetle (Melolontha melolontha) and its key characteristics.   Find out more about the cockchafer beetle in this factfile   Join in the identification forums
    0 120 Views