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Microbe Microbe Caterpillar Ate My Trousers? 13 0 2 hours ago by Microbe
Izzy Izzy Can somebody tell me what this caterpillar is please? 73 2 4 days ago by Izzy
Easprey Easprey What is this Caterpillar? 479 1 1 week ago by hello
Bugbrain Bugbrain Oak or Grass Eggar? Or other? 56 0 1 week ago by Bugbrain
emg emg Caterpillar ID 52 0 1 week ago by emg
Alwin Solanky Alwin Solanky Caterpillar found in Celery originating from Spain 69 0 3 weeks ago by Alwin Solanky
mneville1984 mneville1984 caterpillar id? 145 3 4 weeks ago by basquesteve
hanzy hanzy What kind of caterpillar is this? 109 2 1 month ago by hanzy
AlixD AlixD Can you ID my caterpillar? 171 5 1 month ago by Wortmaggot
9f93f6879f02aea9d0316974c2ab3eae982f184a 9f93f6879f02aea9d0316974c2ab3eae982f184a Caterpillar ID 440 1 2 months ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Chino999 Chino999 Help please! 362 2 6 months ago by Chino999
CliveB CliveB Caterpillar id please 455 3 6 months ago by CliveB
Chelt-girl Chelt-girl Can you please help me identify this caterpillar? 519 2 6 months ago by Wortmaggot
liz liz please help identify this caterpillar 349 1 6 months ago by MikeHardman
foolhandy foolhandy Could anyone tell me what this caterpillar is please? 560 3 6 months ago by foolhandy
Jon Jon Caterpillar ID please 446 2 7 months ago by Jon
jaySwift jaySwift Caterpillar on oak ID please 376 1 7 months ago by MikeHardman
skipper skipper Very hairy caterpillar ID please 404 1 7 months ago by Michael
Jimbo Jimbo Caterpillar ID - It turned into a ball when my dog went near??? 418 1 7 months ago by habdab
Halcyon78 Halcyon78 Sawfly larvae or caterpillar? 1,122 13 7 months ago by Halcyon78
Halcyon78 Halcyon78 What is this little chap? 509 2 7 months ago by Halcyon78
balky balky What is this large caterpillar? 505 2 8 months ago by Michael
Aimsr Aimsr Help with identifying this caterpillar 654 3 8 months ago by MikeHardman
hedgehogmad1976 hedgehogmad1976 what is this yellow hairy caterpillar? 13,464 5 8 months ago by Wortmaggot
TheLoneEntomologist TheLoneEntomologist Caterpillar, please help identify 946 6 8 months ago by MikeHardman
TheLoneEntomologist TheLoneEntomologist Another unidentified caterpillar, please help 507 2 8 months ago by TheLoneEntomologist
Microbe Microbe ANOTHER GREEN CATERPILLAR 436 0 8 months ago by Microbe
Ann Ann Can anyone identify this caterpillar, please 430 1 8 months ago by habdab
Raddes Raddes Caterpillar ID please (and host plant) 398 1 9 months ago by MikeHardman
Mudrat Mudrat Lemontree leaf eating bug?? 912 4 9 months ago by Wortmaggot