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  • 7 mins , 40 secs

    7 years ago by Lisa - NaturePlus host
    On 7 October 2010 a panel of experts came to the Natural History Museum to discuss biodiversity loss - the challenges facing us and potential solutions. They addressed issues raised via the Big Nature Debate forum, blogs, Facebook and Twitter.   Watch this clip of the panel's response to the first question, ‘How do you explain biodiversity and its importance?’ Or visit Nature Online to watch the full debate.
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  • 1 min , 8 secs

    7 years ago by Douglas
    Pavan Sukhdev, from the United Nations Environment Programme, estimates that the cost to the world of not preserving ecosystems and biodiversity could be between £1.2 and £2.8 trillion a year.   Biodiversity is a fundamental part of the Earth's life support system. It supports many basic natural services for humans, such as fresh water, fertile soil and clean air. Biodiversity helps pollinate our flowers and crops, clean up our waste and put food on the table.
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  • 3 mins , 8 secs

    7 years ago by Lisa - NaturePlus host
    Meet 3 of our Big Nature Debate panellists in this video as they share their thoughts about biodiversity and why the global biodiversity conference in Nagoya is so important.   You can watch the live debate online on 7 October from 15:30 to 16:30.
    0 355 Views