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Celebrating Christmas

Posted by Cricket and Diana Jan 25, 2011
Posted by Cricket
Date: 2 January 2011
Temperature: 1 C
Wind Speed: 10 knots


In taking a contract like working for the Antarctic Heritage Trust in the Ross Sea region of Antarctica, I felt so lucky being chosen that I didn’t really think what it’d be like being away from home for 6 months.  Feeling a bit homesick, this Christmas I jumped at the chance to take a mini holiday and join six others from Scott Base on an overnight to Black Island.  Our goal was to climb 1000+m to the top of Mt. Aurora.  In two Hagglunds, it was a slow 5 hours ride, bumping around over the melting ice shelf, and navigating our way around large melt pools.  We arrived at Black Island in the evening, pitched camp, had a great meal of Christmas Eve leftovers and quickly went to bed.  We awoke at 4am to get ready and started climbing just after 5.


Hagglund to Black Island.jpg

Hagglund negotiating the melt pools © AHT / Cricket

The whole daylong was gorgeous and sunny with mild winds.  This was a treat since the weather here can change so quickly.  The climb up took just over 5 hours, and we climbed most of the way with crampons and pick axes towards a peak that remained elusive until the very end.  Minna Bluffs was our view from behind with Mt. Discovery on our left – it was fantastic seeing a different part of Antarctica and our home on Ross Island from a new perspective.  The windy summit forced a quick lunch and a few cameo photos, and then we quickly made our way down in just under 3 hours.  A quick base clean up and slow return home in the Hagglunds got us back to Scott Base in the evening.   For me, this trip was a recharge, and reminded me how lucky I am for being here.

Climbing Mt  Aurora.jpg
Climbing up Mt. Aurora © AHT / Cricket