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Back by popular demand are my personal top 10 museum gifts for Christmas 2010. I actually hadn't been feeling all that Christmassy until a colleague declared all of their shopping done, wrapped and ready under their Christmas tree. Not a shred of tinsel has been near my house. I'm not even sure we 'do' tinsel in the East End of London.


Anyway if, like me, you still have yet to make a dent in your gift shopping and Christmas preparation, then I hope this will provide some inspiration.

Also, check our website for info about shopping at the Museum, or take part in festive events and activities. Here's my list of favourites.


10. Cuddly meerkat toy - £20





You might have noticed something of a meerkat fixation in the UK of late. We have been rather inundated with requests for meerkat toys, gifts, books... So we responded by introducing this lovely chap.


Do not try to resist its charms – it’s just too cute and cuddly to ignore. It’s also rather realistic, I think.


Give the meerkat a cuddle

















9. Grow a sunflower in elephant poo - £5




Surprisingly, this 'elephant poo in a box' is completely odourless. According to the (biodegradable) box, elephants produce 'about one tonne of dung every week'. That's quite a lot. Roughly equivalent in weight to 15 online shop editors. Some of that poo, collected from UK zoos and safari parks, ends up in this box.


Proceeds from sales of the elephant poo-in-a-box go to elephant conservation charities. So do your bit by giving someone you love some poo for Christmas.


Elephant poo in our online shop







8. Giant T.rex soft toy - £1021.74


Has that special person in your life got all the other cuddly dinosaur toys? Do you also have rather a lot of disposable income?


If the answer to these questions is 'yes', then this is the cuddly dinosaur toy for you. It measures over 2m tall.


Notable, I thought. Imagine the fun.


Be astonished by the Giant T.rex in the shop












7. Bird brooches - £40


bird-brooch-red-blue.jpgApparently these are gorgeous. I am told by female colleagues that they would definitely please the special lady in your life.


There are 4 different styles to choose from, and they are all hand-painted. There isn't much stock though, so hurry!


See all 4 bird brooches






6. Wildlife Photographer of the Year hardback diary - £9.99




This is a really nice gift for nature lovers. Being a bit of a photo enthusiast myself I love the crisp, full-page pics that seem to pop out of the glossy pages.


It also has captions, which make interesting reading. Lovely. And it's made by our friends in Natural History Museum Publishing.


Have a look at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year diary in the shop





5. Pink, articulated Stegosaurus model - £10




It may not be the newest dinosaur model in our collection, and it definitely isn't a T.rex, but this Stegosaurus model is my personal favourite, and comes highly recommended as a Christmas gift for kids.


It takes prime position on my desk, clambering up some natural history books, and is frequently admired by office visitors ('Look but do not touch').


View the pink Stegosaurus in the shop








4. Dinosaur art set for kids - £12




I used to like colouring things in when I was very young. This gorgeous dinosaur art set is ideal for little ones just beginning to discover their inner David Hockney.


Chunky felt-tip pens, colouring pencils, oil pastels, sharpener, eraser, 6 scary dinosaur pics to colour in... What's not to love?


Check out the Dinosaur art set in the shop





3. Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011 calendar





This lovely calendar is from the current incarnation of Wildlife Photographer of the Year - sponsored by Veolia Environnement (French accent, please). I love the tarsier on the front. If it were not completely irresponsible, I'd probably look into importing one to keep as a pet. There are lots of other amazing images for the other months, too.


I also chose this because, if you're a bit stuck for a gift, it's pretty much ideal for anyone.


Give a Wildlife Photographer of the Year calendar to someone special







2. Pteranodon kite




Is it a bird? Is it a plane (and so on)? What a brilliant invention the Pteranodon kite is. Perfect for dinosaur addicts and ideal for the blustery climes of the UK.


We tried one out near the Museum and it's incredibly light so it sails in the breeze like a dream. It also made my colleagues very jealous. That earns the kite second place.





Buy a Pteranodon kite in our online shop







1. Prints on demand - from £15





We recently started working with a new prints supplier. The quality and range of images is fantastic and there are more options than ever for customising them. This one, Paris life by Laurent Geslin, is my favourite.


See if you can choose a favourite (it's tough).


Visit our prints on demand shop

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