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Botany news

February 2012

New People

Posted by David Williams Feb 3, 2012
Sara Contu has just started working in the Botany department here at the museum. She is working with Neil Brummitt on the SRLI (Sampled Red List Index) project working on conservation status assessments of the Pteridophyte selected for the sample. The assessment is based on herbarium specimen records, literature research (protologues, floras, monographs, etc.) and GIS analysis. She will summarize the information in the IUCN Species Information Service (SIS) Data Entry Module database, and the report is subsequently delivered to IUCN


Tonya Lander joined the Department on January 4 as a Post Doc working on the genetic population structure of the widespread Central American tropical forest tree Brosimum alicastrum (Moraceae).  Tonya’s post is funded by the Darwin Initiative and she will be with us at least until October 2013.


Annabel Crookshank is working on a project to DNA barcode UK ferns, and is currently at the museum to source suitable material for DNA analysis from un-mounted collections, and process these samples in the molecular lab.