Diagnostic description of Neocrinus decorus

  • Basals variable from small and separated to rather large, forming contiguous basals circlet, commonly with median prolongation of lower edge covering interradial edge of uppermost columnals.
  • Arms divided at primibrachs 2 and further divided with variable intervals.
  • Articulartion at primibrachs 1-2 and secundibrachs 1-2 more or less embauyed synarthrial.
  • Cryptosyzygial or synostosial articulations generally at secundibrachs 3-4 and more distal.
  • No symmorphy.
  • Column heteromorphic, xenomorphic, with short proxistele of low pentastellate (most proximally) to rounded pentagonal columnals, and a longer mesistele/dististele of low to moderately high, rounded pentagonal columnals with planar latera.
  • Nodal/infranodal articulations cryptosymplectial, all other articulations symplectial.
  • Areola petals pear-shaped, surrounded by adradial and (commonly) marginal crenulae, separated by adradial grooves.
  • Nodals with 5 cirri directed outwardly and posteriorly.