There are three other recognised varieties of Prunus serrulata as well as as the typical form Prunus serrulata var.serrulata. These are

P. serrulata var. pubescens (Makino) E.H. Wilson. 

Korean mountain cherry

  • Crown rather umbrella like
  • Young growth bronze-green
  • Leaves hairy beneath, coarsely serrate. Petiole hairy
P. serrulata var. spontanea E.H. Wilson

Japanese mountain cherry

  • Crown broadly ovoid to spreading
  • Young growth brilliant copper-red
  • Leaves glabrous but whitish beneath, serrate. Petiole glabrous
P. serrulata var. hupehensis Ingram
  • Crown spreading
  • Young growth red-brown
  • Leaves glabrous, serrate. Petiole glabrous