Length of 39-segmented individuals ranging from 31-74 mm. That of 43-segmented individuals from 53-78 mm.


All scolopendromorph centipedes have epimorphic development, hatching from the egg with the adult trunk segment number.


Unknown. Scolopendromorph centipedes all have maternal care, the mother brooding the eggs and early hatchling instars by wrapping her body around them, but neither embryos nor hatchlings have yet been collected for this species.

Life expectancy

Unknown. Similar sized species of other genera of Scolopendridae live several years in captivity and have been estimated to live six years or more fide Lewis (1981, 'The Biology of Centipedes').

Dissected individuals with 39 segments include ones with spermatophores, confirming that at least some are males. Spermatophores are lacking in dissected 43-segmented specimens, but it is not known whether specimens with this segment count are invariably females.