Diagnostic description

Danaea kalevala belongs to a complex of species that has traditionally been called D. nodosa.

It can easily be distinguished from that species by its enormous rhizomes that bear several rows of leaves.

It has many (13-16) pairs of lanceolate pinnae that are widest at the middle.


  • Danaea nodosa (L.) Sm.
  • D. media Liebm.
  • D. nigrescens Jenm.
  • D. erecta Tuomisto & R.C.Moran
  • D. grandifolia Underw.


Danaea kalevala belongs to the ‘nodosa’-clade.

It is sister to a group uniting:

  • D. grandifolia
  • D. longicaudata
  • D. media
  • D. nodosa

(Tree of Life web project).

The genus Danaea is sister to all other Marattiaceae (

  • Danaea kalevala

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