The Rennell Island sea krait (Laticauda crockeri) is confined to the brackish waters of Lake Tegano (also known as Te-Nggano), Rennell Island, Solomon Islands.


Lake Tegano is part of East Rennell which is a World Heritage site.

The lake has a total area of 130 km2 and a flat bottom at an average depth of 40m and has many rugged limestone islands. The substrate type seems to limit the distribution of L. crockeri to shallow parts of the lake with a pitted limestone bottom.

The snakes seem to avoid deeper areas with fine sediment.


Laticauda crockeri feeds mainly on the dusky sleeper (Eleotris fusca) whereas the lake’s population of Laticauda colubrina feeds on the Pacific shortfinned eel (Anguilla obscura) (Cogger H, et al, 1987).

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