The Moon

The Moon is the Earth's only natural satellite. As it orbits the Earth each month, it appears to change from a crescent to a full circle and back again, glowing in the sky as it reflects the sun's light. Humans have been fascinated by the Moon for centuries and in 1969 we even visited for the first time. But how did it get there? What is it made from? And why does it go through different phases?

  • Formation of the Moon from the debris of a giant impact.
    Where did the Moon come from?

    The origin of our Moon has long been a mystery. Explore the 3 plausible theories and make up your own mind.

  • The structure of the Moon
    Structure of the Moon

    It may be fanciful to think that the Moon is made of cheese, or that there is a man in the Moon, but how did we work out what the Moon is made from?

  • A lunar meteorite found in the Sahara Desert
    Lunar samples and meteorites

    Samples from the Moon and from lunar meteorites allow us to compare its age and structure with Earth.

  • Phases of the Moon
    Behaviour of the Moon

    As the Earth orbits the Sun, the Moon orbits the Earth. Find out about the Moon's phases and the effect of its gravity on the Earth.

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