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Regions are accessed by selecting REGIONS from the menu bar, or by selecting a region from the map on the home page.

After selecting a region you will see a smaller map highlighting the region, and to the left a list of plants or plant products which originated in the region. Select one of these plants to explore it in more detail.

For the purposes of this book, the world has been subdivided into seven regions. These regions reflect cultural and historical aspects of plant domestication and have no biogeographic or political significance.

  • Africa - includes the continent of Africa and the islands of Madagascar and the Comoros.
  • Australia - consists of Australia, New Zealand and nearby islands including New Caledonia.
  • Eurasia - This region extends from Iceland and Portugal eastwards to Siberia and from the Mediterranean and Black Seas northwards to the Arctic.
  • Middle East - extends from Turkey and the eastern Mediterranean coast across the Arabian peninsula to Iran.
  • South Asia - extends from Afghanistan and Pakistan in the west to Japan in the east, and from China south to Sri Lanka and southern Thailand.
  • South East Asia - covers the Malayan peninsula, Indonesia, the Philippines and New Guinea.
  • The Americas - includes the continents of North and South America (including the isthmus of Central America), Greenland and the islands of the Caribbean.