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Using herbal remedies

Millions of people don't take their medicines as pills and ointments from the chemist, but rely on herbal preparations. These might be teas to drink and poultices to put on wounds, made from plants and plant extracts. There's been a huge increase in interest in these traditional herbal remedies.

Powerful properties

Today aloe is used to soothe sunburn, minor burns, wrinkles, insect bites, skin irritations, cuts and scratches.

Plants produce powerful chemicals that help protect them from bacteria, viruses, mould and other kinds of attack. So it?s not surprising that some of these chemicals turn out to be useful in protecting us from disease, too. Scientists all over the world are testing plants for possible drug activity.

Plants can poison

It?s extremely important to be careful about taking any herbal remedies. Just because something is labelled natural, doesn?t mean it?s safe. Some of the chemicals that plants produce are very poisonous and can do real harm, even kill. You?ll find several examples on this website. Always consult a qualified professional before you take any medicine.

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