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Walking with woodlice 2001

Conclusions help


Help with finding conclusions
Writing the conclusion is all about looking at the evidence that this project has provided. You need to concentrate either on the results that you found, or the overall results from around the UK.


You might want to focus on two or three species.


You could compare some or all of the 1985 survey to ours.


You could see if there is any link between habitat or climate and where woodlice live.


Can you explain the results that you have helped to record?


Things for you to think about:


  • Which are the most common species in the UK?
  • How many species did the survey find?
  • What did the survey not find out?
  • What other information would be useful to find out?
  • Which species were the most widespread?
  • Which areas of the UK had most/least results?
  • Where no results were recorded - does this mean there are no woodlice there?
  • Can we 'trust' these results?
  • Can we 'trust' any scientific results?
  • How have things changed since 1985?
  • Is Armadillidium nasatum still only found in the south?
  • Are some species getting rarer/more common?
  • Has this survey actually proven anything - is it significant?
  • Do you think there are really less woodlice in Scotland?
  • What about the really rare species of woodlice?
  • What could we do next?
  • What is most unusual about these results?
  • Has Armadillidium depressum really declined since 1985?
  • What are the limitations of the survey?
  • Could improvements have been made to the key/recording form/results pages?

You're the scientist - you decide!



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