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Insect list from the Malay Archipelago

Full transcription

Insects of the Eastern Archipelago, collected by AR.Wallace
from May 1. 1854 to January 1858.

[a list of Coleoptera collected and their numbers follow under these headings:]

Singa[pore] Malac[ca] 6 months
Borneo 15 months
Macassar 6 months
Aru 6 months
Ambotyna 1 month
Probable totals

The above totals are I think, under rather
than over the mark.

[a list of Lepidoptera collected and their numbers follows under these headings:]

Total no. of species (Estimate)

[written vertically to the right of the list]
 The numbers here given are certainly not far from the truth. It appears that in all orders except Coleop.[tera] & Lep.[idoptera] divines[?] I surpass you considerably in the number of species. Whether this is owing to your attention being so much absorbed by the hosts of your butterflies as to prevent your attending to the less interesting groups, or whether it shows a real deficiency in S. America to balance its undoubted superiority in Diwuii[?], is a question of much interest. You might partly solve it by resolutely devoting a month to the Hymenop.[tera] Diptera &c. almost exclusively, which compared with my average months collecting in these groups would furnish data for determining the point. ARW 

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