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Flowers at The Dell

Full transcription

1873 Calendar of flowering plants at the Dell. April. By end of March Crocuses, Winter Aconite and Snowdrops had done flow[erin]g
1 Primroses..  full flower
   Wallflower, Draba azoides (end of March)
   Daffodil,  Sax. oppositifolia (end of March)
   Arabis albida
3 Aubrietia, Viola lutea
   Doronicum cauceasicum. Narcissus jonguilla
   Scilla siberica,  Myosotis dissitiflora.
   Ornithogalum mutans.  Vinea major
   Hyacinth (garden) Anemone (garden)
   Mahonia aquifolum, Viburnam tinius[?].
   Sun. 6 Balsam Poplar, White-thorn, Lilac, leaves just op[enin]g..
   A week's very cold north & N.E. wind!!
   very cutting, no advance of vegetation..
13th Still cold
15th. Shower evening, first for more than 2 weeks.
    Nightingale heard.
Rubes sanguinea - fully out.

Ap. 20th. North to E. winds all the week & still blowing.
               a few showers, but always cold.
               Elm, Lilac, Spiraeas in leaf
               Sycamore & Birch just opening.
26th.          Cuckoo heard.

Ap. 27th. N.E. wind still - very cold - 3 night
               past last very sharp; very little advance
               in vegetation.

Ap. 30th. Wind changed to W. a little milder but
               still cold,- 4 weeks of continuous N.
               and N.E. winds, generally cold and often
               very violent!!!
                       Blue-bells in flower.

May 4th. Two or three mild days but, hail & cold
               wind yesterday & today.
              Berberis darwinii
              Cowslip - Orchis mascula.
              a few warm days.
May 18th. Cold all the week, & the last 4 days a
              severe East wind dry & cutting..
              Siberium Xab.[?]
              Parrot tulips - Helianthenium croceum
              Genum chilense, Genum sylvaticum, Aquilegius
              Robinica pseudaeacia, leaves opening.


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