A to B trees

Find out more about these trees and how to identify them, from alder to blackthorn.

  • Alder catkins

    This group of deciduous trees have cone-shaped outlines.

  • Amelanchier (mespil) tree fruit

    The trees in this group are small and slender, with purple-black fruits.

  • Apple flower

    These trees can reach 15m and produce the familiar apple fruit.

  • Ash fruit

    Ash trees are deciduous and have fruits with a single wing, called keys.

  • Ashleaf-maple fruit

    These fast-growing trees have distinctive fruit shaped like 2 wings.

  • Bay tree leaves
    Bay tree

    They can grow to 20m and are known for their aromatic foliage.

  • Beech leaves

    These deciduous trees have flowers and fruits enclosed in a spiny husk.

  • Silver birch cone
    Birch, silver

    A medium-sized deciduous tree with silvery-white bark.

  • White birch catkins
    Birch, white

    This group of medium-sized deciduous tree have white bark.

  • Blackthorn fruit

    Belonging to the same genus as cherries, they produce bluish-black fruits.