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Features of NaturePlus and My account

Some of the features of NaturePlus and My account.

Here are some highlights of what's on offer to you as a registered user:

  • Become a member of NaturePlus.
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What you can do in NaturePlus

By registering with us you automatically become a member of NaturePlus. As a NaturePlus member you can comment on our pages and blogs and join in our forums to discuss issues with Museum experts and other people with an interest in nature, wildlife and the Museum. You also get these special features:

View content you have collected during your Museum visit

When you visit the Museum, if you use a NaturePlus card and collect content from the touch-screen kiosks in our exhibitions or Attenborough Studio, you will be able to view this content online.

Create your own homepage

Create your own My NaturePlus homepage where you can add your own quick links, images and panels showing all the latest discussions.

Upload your images for identification by our experts

Our bug forum and other identification forums are run by scientists who will help identify any unusual things you may have found.

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