Dinosaurs in 3D

Get a sense of what a living, moving dinosaur would look like from every angle with these 3D images. These pictures are the result of some clever detective work. Scientists examine dinosaur bones for clues about how they looked when they were alive. They can tell how dinosaurs moved, if they walked on their back legs or on all fours, and even what they ate.

  • Velociraptor

    Velociraptor could run as fast as an Olympic sprinter. This speedy meat-eater ate the equivalent of a chicken a day.

  • Baryonyx

    Baryonyx had a mouth like a crocodile’s and curved claws on its thumbs. It probably ate lots of fish.

  • T. rex
    T. rex

    The fearsome T. rex had the strongest bite of any animal in history. Its vicious-looking teeth could easily crush bones.

  • Euoplocephalus

    Euoplocephalus had tough armour on its head and body that even T. rex would have trouble gnashing its way through.

  • Iguanodon

    Iguanodon probably ate about 30kg of plants each day with its beak-like mouth. That’s like eating 300 bananas.