KS4: Careers in science

5. After your visit: mock interview

Conduct your mock interview.

Get into pairs or groups to conduct the interview. Decide as a class whether you are going to do this all at the same time, or if pairs are going to come to the front so that the class can watch and give feedback.

You can have more than one interviewer on an interview panel - this is what usually happens in real life.


Record the sessions if you can. Looking back at your performance will help you to improve.

Evaluation and feedback

If the class is giving feedback, they should compare how the interviewers and interviewees did against the guidelines they were given:

  • Did they cover all the key skills?
  • Are there any areas they missed?
  • Can you suggest ways people could improve?
Who got the job?

You may want to vote on who would get a job in the Museum, based on each interview.

  • Who came across as genuinely interested?
  • Who was able to use examples?
  • Who was a great interviewer?

Make sure you use what you have learnt from your visit for interviews in future, whether
they are for science posts or for other jobs.

Good Luck!

If you have any comments or suggestions for how to improve this activity please email us.

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