Travels with the Fossil Hunters

Peter Whybrow

Travels with the Fossil Hunters tells twelve stories of expeditions to remote parts of the world in search of diverse fossils such as dinosaurs and human ancestors.

978 0 521 66301 4
March 2000
247 x 174 mm
240 pp
Cambridge University Press in association with the Natural History Museum


In this exciting book palaeontologists relate the problems and curiosities they encounter whilst working in extreme conditions, from the deserts of the Sahara and Yemen to the frozen wastes of Antarctica, from the mountains of India to the forests of Latvia. They tell us what field expeditions are really like: dodging bullets in West Africa or rabid dogs in Pakistan, surviving yak-butter tea in Tibet or raw fish in China. Along the way they also describe the palaeontology and geology of the countries they visit and the scientific reasons for their expeditions. 

Copiously illustrated with spectacular colour photographs and with a foreword from David Attenborough and an introduction from Richard Fortey, this fascinating book will appeal to anyone interested in travelling and fossils, amateurs and professionals alike.

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Contributors include Sir David Attenborough, Richard Fortey, Andrew Smith, Alison Longbottom, Angela Milner, Chris Stringer, Per Erik Ahlberg, Peter J. Whybrow, Steve Culver, Paul D. Taylor, Peter Andrews and Jerry Hooker.


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"This is a beautiful book. At first glance it looks like a rather glossy coffee table book, but when you stop looking at the numerous spectacular colour photographs and start to read the fascinating accounts of twelve British palaeontologists working in remote areas of the globe, you realise that it is much more than that! The accounts of the hardship and vicissitudes endured by field geologists in the frozen wastes of Antarctica and Tibet or the deserts of Arabia and Africa are truly fascinating...Armchair travellers will delight in the glimpses of other cultures and far flung places. As for me, I couldn't decide whether I wanted to go 'Digging for Dragons in China' or 'Across Tibet by jeep, pony and foot', but get it from your library or ask for it for Christmas and decide for yourself."

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