A Practical Primer on CD-ROM

Peter Skelton, Andrew Smith and Neale Monks

This CD-ROM and accompanying short textbook provide the perfect introduction to cladistics and phylogenetic reconstruction for biology students.

978 0 521 52341 7
September 2002
92 pp


Cladistics and phylogenetic reconstruction are subjects which biology students find quite difficult to grasp when taught from conventional textbooks. 

The CD is fully interactive and includes animated sequences, questions at the end of each section, and practical exercises. It is the first exclusively pedagogical CD-ROM devoted to this topic. 

By the end of the course students should have a basic understanding of cladistics and be able to reconstruct phylogenetic relationships from morphological and molecular data. 

The CD-ROM is accompanied by a short textbook. The book is meant to be used in conjunction with the CD-ROM but can act as a stand-alone aid to learning when the reader is away from the computer.

Cladistics - A Practical Primer on CD-ROM is available to order from our co-publisher Cambridge University Press. For details of how to contact them, please visit Publishing partners.


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"I have tested this CD-ROM with a few students who were unanimous in proclaiming its quality and ease of use, and having used it myself it has sharpened up my teaching of this topic."

Journal of Biological Education

"...if you are teaching undergraduates, or want a straightforward tutorial on the basics of cladistics, this might just be the source for you."

Palass Newsletter

"… the authors of this product have overall done a good job finding a balance between content, animation, interactivity, question-asking and challenging 'games'."

Palaeontologia Electronica

"…the best general teaching resource available..."

Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology

"I have tested this CD-ROM on a few students who where unanimous in proclaiming its quality and ease of use. Having used it myself, it has sharpened up my teaching of this topic."

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