British Mesozoic Fossils

A comprehensive identification guide to 365 fossil species from the Mesozoic era that can be found in Britain.

978 0 565 09319 8
January 1983
210 x 136 mm
210 pp
Black-and-white line drawings throughout
Natural History Museum


The Mesozoic era ranged from 240 million to 65 million years ago. In British Mesozoic Fossils 365 species from this period are classified and illustrated with accurate line drawings. 

This new edition has been fully revised and updated by Dr Andrew Smith, Merit Researcher in the Natural History Museum’s Earth Sciences Department, reflecting advances in our understanding of the fossil record over the past years.

The book’s 147-page identification section features those fossil animal and plant species that are most commonly found in Britain, from abundant gastropod and bivalve molluscs to those groups, including ammonites and brachiopods, which are now extinct or relatively rare.

Each of the species is illustrated with at least one drawing, which is accompanied by details of where it can be found. There is also a brief introduction to the subject, stratigraphical tables that show British Mesozoic rock formations, and a colour map of the distribution of Mesozoic strata.

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Pages from British Mesozoic Fossils

Pages from British Mesozoic Fossils

Pages from British Mesozoic Fossils

Pages from British Mesozoic Fossils

Pages from British Mesozoic Fossils

Pages from British Mesozoic Fossils

About the series

British Mesozoic Fossils is one of a series of three books that has established itself as the classic work of reference for all students of geology. 

For more than 45 years, the series has provided an essential identification guide to those fossils that can be found amongst the wealth of geological horizons in Britain. 

Amateur and professional palaeontologists alike will continue to find that these books are as important to their studies as the hand lens and geological hammer. 

The other titles available in this series are British Cenozoic Fossils and British Palaeozoic Fossils.