Being a licensee

We offer excellent opportunities for prospective licensees to develop new and exciting products relating to all aspects of the natural world and the science that helps us to understand it.

Benefits of being a Museum licensee

As a Museum licensee, you'll benefit from our world-class resources, such as:

Natural History Museum Earth globe, from Brainstorm

Natural History Museum Earth globe, from Brainstorm

  • our unrivalled collections of more than 70 million specimens, like the world-famous dinosaurs
  • the largest collection of natural history art in the world, including archives of illustrations, paintings and prints
  • our library of over 50,000 images
  • more than 350 scientists on site who work with us to ensure the scientific accuracy of our products
  • the Museum's image resources department and picture library can assist with photography services and source imagery.

Get in touch to find out more, speak to us about your products or any other aspect of becoming a licensee with the Museum.

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