The Board of Trustees

The Museum is governed by a Board of 12 Trustees in accordance with the British Museum Act of 1963 and the Museums and Galleries Act of 1992.

The Board of Trustees meets four times a year and they are responsible for overseeing the management of the Museum and the appointment of the Museum Director.

  • Eight Trustees are selected by the Prime Minister.
  • One is nominated by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, on the recommendation of the Royal Society.
  • Three are chosen by the Board of Trustees themselves.

Our Trustees are initially appointed for a four-year period and can serve a second, equal term before standing down. The Board is required to follow the principles established by the Nolan Committee in the conduct of public bodies.

Trustee vacancies

The Museum maintains a Register of Interest to identify any potential conflicts of interest between Trustees' private, professional, political and business activities and those of the Museum. This includes those of close family and household members. 

Download the latest Trustees Register of Interests

The current Trustees of the Natural History Museum are:

You can access the minutes from the Board of Trustees meetings from here.