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  Colour-pattern group 100 (workers only)
red-tailed black bumblebees
colour-pattern classification group 100
Back to colour groups Number of species where present in this colour pattern within equal-area (611,000 km²) grid cells with an equal-interval grey scale. The colour pattern shown is closest to the modal pattern for the group.
30 species


Examples of group pattern variation:
(Colour-pattern variation within the group is less than variation between groups.)



mendax Md.
waltoni Md.


confusus Bi.


soroeensis Kl.


trifasciatus Mg.
bicoloratus Mg.

excellens Th.
pomorum Th.
muscorum Th.
ruderarius Th.
sylvarum Th.
diligens Th.
rubriventris Th.

monticola Pr.
flavescens Pr.
ardens Pr.
pratorum Pr.


polaris Al.
alpinus Al.


ignitus Bo.
terrestris Bo.

angustus Ag.
wurflenii Ag.


eximius Ml.
lapidarius Ml.


cullumanus Cu.
brachycephalus Cu.
coccineus Cu.
baeri Cu.
macgregori Cu.



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