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  Kallobombus annotated checklist
BombiasOrientalibombus Kallobombus
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B. soroeensis
B. soroeensis male resting.

ecology and behaviour


HABITAT: Open grasslands and mountain meadows.


FOOD-PLANTS: Short tongue-length bumblebees visiting shallow flowers.


NESTING BEHAVIOUR: Nests underground. Non-pocket makers except for the early broods.


MATE-SEARCHING BEHAVIOUR: Males patrol circuits of scent marks.


Subgenus KALLOBOMBUS Dalla Torre
Bombus (Kallobombus) Dalla Torre, 1880:40, type-species Apis soroeensis Fabricius (= Bombus soroeensis (Fabricius)) by subsequent designation of Sandhouse, 1943:561
Bombus (Callobombus) Dalla Torre, 1896:503, unjustified emendation
Bombus (Soroeensibombus) Vogt, 1911:63, type-species Apis soroeensis Fabricius (= Bombus soroeensis (Fabricius)) by monotypy
[Bombus (Soroensibombus) Ball, 1914:78, incorrect subsequent spelling]
[Sorocoënsibombus Skorikov, [1923]: map 15, incorrect subsequent spelling]



Bombus (Kl.) soroeensis (Fabricius)subgeneric listall names
Cardui (Müller, 1776:165 [Apis])
foroeenfis [soroeensis] (Fabricius, [1777, see Baker, 1996a:9]:246 [Apis])
Proteus Gerstaecker, 1869:325
perplexus Radoszkowski, 1884:82, not of Cresson, 1863:91 (= B. perplexus Cresson)
Radoszkowskyi Dalla Torre, 1890:139, replacement name for perplexus Radoszkowski, 1884:82
miniatocaudatus Vogt, 1909:56
102 names

NOMENCLATURE: The orthography of Fabricius (1777) employs a long 's' (similar to 'f' or 'f'), a common practice of the period. This convention has since changed and recent authors have consistently used 's'.

Baker (1996a) established that the name B. cardui has narrow priority over B. soroeensis by publication date.

Although B. cardui is the oldest available name for this species, the name B. soroeensis has been in common use for the species since 1950 (e.g. Tkalcu, 1969, 1975; Løken, 1973; Alford, 1975; Delmas, 1976; Pekkarinen, 1979; Reinig, 1981; Özbek, 1983; Rasmont, 1983; Ito, 1985; Ornosa, 1986a; Rasmont et al., 1995). The only publications using the name B. cardui since 1950 are those of Baker (1996a, b). Using this name contrary to the purpose of priority is not accepted by the Code (ICZN, 1999: Article 23), and so cannot justify the continued use of the name B. cardui in place of B. soroeensis. It is suggested that, in the interests of stability, the prevailing usage of B. soroeensis be maintained (in prep.).

MORPHOLOGY: photos of male genitalia.

DISTRIBUTION: Palaearctic Region.

NOTES on this species in Britain.


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