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From:  "Dr. Enrico de Lillo "Ist. Entomologia Agraria (Univ. Bari)""  <>
Date:  12/4/96 11:37am
Subject:  re: Pediculaster mesembrinae

Dear colleagues,
I'm working on Pediculaster mesembrinae using transmission electron microscopy and I'm trying to obtain information on the internal morphology of this species. I am about sure that there are few studies on this topic until now. I have observed the pharyngeal complex (first, second and third pharynx and the following oesophagous tract) and other details. But some sensorial structures have been very interesting.
1) Solenidium. On tarsus I there are four solenidia. I have recently obtained very good sections about them in which I can see clearly the ultrastructural features. They appear chemioreceptive in function (multiporose walls, absence of the tubular body). In literature I have found only external morphological indications; only Nuzzaci and Alberti reported a TEM-picture in the recent Eriophyoid mites. Of course I have to compare this structure with those of tick multiporose sensilla. The question is: could someone indicate to me other reports? Are someone working on?
2) Trichobothrium. Many Tarsonemina have this sensilla, P. mesembrinae too. Some studies have been made on other Arthropods. About mites I know only the Alberti's paper on Oribatida. The question is: could someone indicate to me other reports? Are someone working on?
Thanks for your attention.
I'm looking forward to hearing good news for me.

Sincerely yours,

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dr. Enrico de Lillo
Istituto di Entomologia Agraria
via Amendola, 165/A
70126 Bari
I - Italy
Tel. (international code) 80 5443105 or 5442875
Fax  (international code) 80 5442876
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From:  Maria Alejandra Perotti <>
To: Zhi-Qiang Zhang <>
Date:  11/22/96 6:51am
Subject:  about Parasitinae

Could you (or somebody) give me an orientation about who is working in Parasitidae, particulary, Parasitinae? I have some difficulties with some identifications. Unfortunately, in Argentina, is very difficult to find some important articles or papers.  Magazines or reviews about this sort of subject are incompletes. Please, I'll be grateful for further information

Thank you very much
Kindest regards

Alejandra Perotti

Depto. Biologia
Funes 3250 3er. Piso
Univ. Nac. Mar del Plata
7600-Mar del PLata
FAX 54-23-859009


From:  Roy A Norton <>
To: Red de Acarologos <>
Date:  12/13/96 2:29pm
Subject:  R. Marcel Reeves

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R. Marcel Reeves (Moose, to his friends) succumbed to his battle with cancer and died at his home in Durham, New Hampshire on December 12.  All who knew him will grieve his loss, but celebrate the life of this kind, helpful and gentle man.
Roy A. Norton
State Univ. of NY
College of Environ. Sci. & Forestry
Syracuse, NY  13210   USA

telephone: 315 470 6752
fax: 315 470 6934

From:  "Dr. Ho Tze Ming" <>
Date:  12/14/96 10:30am

I shall be most grateful for any information on international conferences and short courses which shall be held in 1997 on subjects related to Acarology.

Thank you.

From:  Enrico de Lillo <>
Date:  12/16/96 10:33am
Subject:  Epitrimerus longitarsus (Nalepa)

I would greatly appreciate to receive copy Nalepa A., 1898 - Zur Kenntnis der Gattung Trimerus. Zool. Jahrb. Syst., 11: 405-411 on the description of Epitrimerus longitarsus (Nalepa),  by fax or otherwise by mail. Many thanks for your help.

What do you think about a possible database on Eriophyoid mites? I have one, more or less up-dated (about 3000 species and 2200 references), which is arranged in this way:

- name genus, name genus previously utilized, name species,
- type host, other hosts, host family,
- habits,
- type locality, other locality,
- notes,
- reference with original description,
- valid or not valid species,
- other references.

I am going to arrange, in collaboration with Jim Amrine (West Virginia), a complete database which could be available on CD-rom.

Any suggestions will be well accepted.

Enrico de Lillo

From:  Diana Sammataro <>
Date:  12/16/96 12:33pm
Subject:  Acarapis dorsalis/externis

I am trying to find samples of A. dorsalis and externis.  Eventually, I would like to extract some DNA from them.  ANyone know where I can find some?  I have looked on my bees and so far, only A. woodi.


From:  henri andre <>
Date:  12/18/96 9:18am
Subject:  a new book on mites

*********************  JUST  RELEASED   DECEMBER  1996 **********************

* Les Acariens Oribates
* by J. Trave, H. M. Andre, G. Taberly and F. Bernini.
* viii+110 pages.
* ISBN 2-87257-002-0
? published jointly by AGAR Publishers and the Societe internationale des Acarologues de
? Langue francaise (SIALF).
This introductory textbook, written in French, is richly illustrated with many SEM photographs, drawings by Grandjean and diagrams.

The book begins with a chapter on techniques, followed by two main parts. The first part is devoted  to morphology and classification and offers a digest of Grandjean's observations. The second part describes the biology, biogeography and ecology of oribatids.

This work is intended for experts in acarology and soil biologists, as well as students, teachers and researchers.
Price:  BEF 580 (handl. & surface  post. included)
 (USD 20.00, North America only)

Address orders to your usual supplier, or to:
AGAR Publishers
  39, Venelle du Bois de Saras
B-1300 Wavre

Further information available from
SIALF members enjoy a special price and are kindly requested to contact the treasurer of the society, S. Kreiter (
H. M. Andre
UR Faune du Sol  Phone (office) + 32 - 2 - 769 52 58
Musée royal Afrique centrale Phone (home) + 32 - 2 - 644 08 52
B-3080 Tervuren  Fax (museum )+ 32 - 2 - 769 56 38
Belgium   e-mail :
Internet :

From:  bertrand <>
Date:  12/18/96 4:30am

SIALF and AGAR publ.
        Les Acariens Oribates
viii+110pages; ISBN 2-87257-002-0
Morphologie, Classification
Biologie, Biogéographie, Ecologie
Prix: BEF 580 (Port inclus)=USD: 20 North America only)
This book, richly illustrated with SEM pictures, originals Grandjean  drawings and diagrams,  is intended for students, teachers, researchers and  soil biologists
Addres orders to your supplier or to:
AGAR publichers
39 Venelle du Bois de SARAS
your contact: H.M.ANDRE
JAZ managing Editor
Les membres de la SIALF bénéficient d'un prix préférentiel et sont priés de  contacter notre trésorier Serge KREITER
Michel Bertrand
Univ Montpellier3

 From:  Diana Sammataro <>
Date:  12/20/96 9:29am
Subject:  lacto-phenol

Can anyone give me a formula clearing mites with lacto-phenol?  I need to
mount some varroa, they are too big to fit on a slide without relaxing
them.  THanks in advance, Diana

From:  "J. May Home Inspections" <>
Date:  12/20/96 7:31am
Subject:  Finding and Mounting Dust Mites (fwd)

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Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 21:37:57 -0600
From: George Norwood <>
Subject: Finding and Mounting Dust Mites


I was wondering how to find and look at dust mites.  I think if I get a funnel and a lamp and heat the some vaccum cleaner dust, the mites should drop to the glass under the funnel.

What should I use to capture the mites?  Should I put alcohol in the catching glass under the funnel?

Any ideas?

George Norwood

I've been wondering, also, if there isn't some simple way to coax mites out.  I tried a damp piece of black aper on a couch but I dont think it worked.

Jeff May

From:  Maria Alejandra Perotti <>
Date:  12/23/96 8:01am
Subject:  Season's Greetings

Best Wishes for the new year.

SEASON'S GREETINGS!!!!!!! for all

Laboratorio de Artropodos:
Pablo Martinez
Jorge Marcangeli
Martin Eguaras
Liliana Monetti
Monica Oppedisano
Gustavo Velis
Alejandra Perotti

Depto. Biologia
Univ. Nac. Mar del Plata

From:  Marta Salonia Bordas <>
To: acarologos <>
Date:  12/23/96 11:18am
Subject:  Have I forgotten anyone? My excuses!

Wishing to all you an excellent and productive 1997

Have a Merry Christmas!

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       *          *  *
                    *  *

  Marta Salona
  Dpto de Zoologia y Dinamica Celular Animal


From:  "Jose G. Palacios Vargas" <>
To: Marta Salonia Bordas <>
Date:  12/23/96 8:21pm
Subject:  Re: Have I forgotten anyone? My excuses! (fwd)

   Mis mejores deseos para Uds. en esta Navidad y el Agno Nuevo.
    Sinceramente   Dr.  Jose G. Palacios-Vargas

CC: acarologos <>

From:  Diana Sammataro <>
Date:  12/26/96 9:43am
Subject:  lacto=phenol

Thank you all who replied about mounting varroa.  I am very grateful and
pleased that this is such an interesting list.  Happy holidays, and let's
have a prosperous new Year.

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