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From:  <>
Date:  9/3/96 9:56pm
Subject:  Avicularia ID


I'm looking for assistance in identifying the specific species of "Pink Toe" that I recently purchased.  I realize that there are numerous Avicularia species, but I'm looking for someone who has a particular expertise with this breed.

I'm looking forward to hearing from someone in this regard.


Bill S.

From:  Hans Klompen <>
Date:  9/12/96 2:30pm
Subject:  Acarology IX

In response to a growing number of inquiries regarding publication of the proceedings of the ninth International Congress of Acarology (Columbus, Ohio, July 1994), there is progress.  Volume 1, containing the submitted papers, is ready to go to the print, and should be printed by November. Volume 2, containing the symposia papers, is in the final editing phase and will be ready early next year. Complete citations for the two volumes are: Volume 1: Mitchell, R., Horn, D.J., Needham, G.R. & Welbourn, W.C. Acarology IX: Proceedings.  Ohio Biological Survey, Columbus, Ohio. Volume 2: Needham, G.R., Mitchell, R., Horn, D.J. & Welbourn, W.C. Acarology IX: Symposia.  Ohio Biological Survey, Columbus, Ohio.

Registered participants get both volumes free.  For those that did not attend the congress or that want additional copies, the pre-publication discount ($ 120.- for the set of both volumes; $70.- for volume 1, $60.- for volume 2) will be available until the first volume is published.  If you want these volumes for your library systems, we encourage you to take advantage of this discount (post-publication prices will be $150.- for both volumes; $ 87.50.- volume 1, $ 75.- volume 2).

Ordering through:
The Ohio Biological Survey
1315 Kinnear Road
Columbus, Ohio 43212-1192
Phone:  (614) 292-9645
FAX:    (614) 688-4322

We hope this note will answer most questions regarding the proceedings.

Hans Klompen

Glen Needham

Dr. Hans Klompen
Museum of Biological Diversity (Acarology Laboratory)
Ohio State University
1315 Kinnear Rd.
Columbus, OH 43212-1192

Tel. (614) 292 7180             FAX  (614) 292 7774

Heather C. Proctor <>

Date: 9/16/96 2:05pm
Subject: invitation from the Journal of Arachnology

At the most recent meeting of the American Arachnological Society, the editors of  the Journal of Arachnology announced the dropping of all page charges for publication.  In addition, the editorial board asked me to pass on the call for manuscripts to the acarological world.  Papers dealing with the behaviour, ecology, physiology, evolution, and higher-level systematics of mites will be welcomed.  However, manuscripts dealing with species-level taxonomy, biological control, pesticide resistance, or medical-veterinary topics are unlikely to be accepted as there are several acarological journals that concentrate on these topics.   If you would like to receive  the Instructions to Authors for the Journal of Arachnology, email me with the request for either an electronic version or for a hard copy.

Yours truly,
Heather Proctor


Heather C. Proctor
Department of Biology
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
K7L 3N6
phone: (613)545-6000-5510
FAX:   (613)545-6617

From:  "Ist. Entomologia Agraria (Univ. Bari) Biblioteca" <>
Date:  9/20/96 5:02am
Subject:  Phytoseiid anatomy

I am doing a Ph.d. in the Entomology institute at the University of Bari. I
am working on Phytoseiid general anatomy (digestive system, respiratory,
nervous, glandular, muscular, reproductive, and so on) and I will finish my
Ph.d. course in October, so I am writing my thesis and I would like to know
if there is anyone who is working on the same topic and who has papers not
yet published but that could be interesting. If so I would like to have a
talk with him in order to exchange our knowledge.
I thank everyone for his help and I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Antonella Di Palma

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