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Date:  10/1/96 11:37am
Subject:  PAUP

Dear Acarologists,

I am interested in the phylogeny program PAUP 4.0 for Windows. Can anybody provide me with information as to where one can obtain the program from and the price.


Louise Coetzee

From:  "Dr. Enrico de Lillo "Ist. Entomologia Agraria (Univ. Bari)""  <>
Date:  10/1/96 12:40pm
Subject:  eriophyoids

Dear colleagues,

I'm working on eriophyoids and I need some papers on eriophyoid mites. Could someone help me in finding the following papers?
Bagdasarian A.T., 1970 - Cetyrechnogije Klesi lesciny v Armenii (Acariformes, Eriophyoidea). Biol.  Zh. Armenii, 23: 53-60.
Bagdasarian A.T., 1971 - Fauna eriofiidnych klescej greckov orecha v Armenii (Acarina,  Eriophyidae). Biol. Zh. Armenii, 24: 48-58.
Harrison J.W.H., 1930 - Two new species of eriophyid mite. Proc. Univ. Durham Philosoph. Soc.,  8(3): 168-170.
Stebbins F.A., 1909 - Insect galls of Springfield, Mass., and vicinity. Bull. Springfield Mus. Nat.
 Hist., 2: 14-49 and 131-139.
Walsh B.D., 1864 - On Insects, Coleopterous, Hymenopterous and Dipterous inhabiting the galls  of certain species of willows. Proc. Entomol. Soc. Philadelphia, 3: 543-644 (only the part
regarding Eriophyoids).
Vasilieva E.A., Mitrofanov V.I., Sekerskaya N.P., Sharonov A.A., 1982 - Chetyrekhnogie kleshchi  khovoinykh porod Kryma: 7-21. In: Livtshitz I.Z. (ed.) Vrediteli i bolezni plodovykh i
dekoratinykh Kultur Kryma. State Nikita Biological Gardens, Yalta.
Szulc W., 1966 - Gall mites (Eriophyidae) of Lodz Upland. Zesz. Nauk. Univ. Lodz II, 21: 27-55.
Mohanasundaram M., 1980 - Indian eriophyid studies. II. Mysore J. Agric. Sci., 14: 515-528.
Das A.K., Chakrabarti S., 1985 - Studies on eriophyid mites (Acari: Eriophyoidea) of India. XVI.   One new genus and ten new species from India. Oriental Insects, 19: 133-153.

Thanks for your help.

Enrico de Lillo

From:  "Reuben Kaufman" <reuben.kaufman@UAlberta.CA>
To: "Mail Acarology" <>
Date:  10/8/96 7:03pm
Subject:  The hunt for "Blue Blades"

Chers Collegues !

In the good old days, when I was a boy, the Gillette Company produced a "Blue Blade" which was ideal for the microscalpels we use for dissecting insects, ticks and the like.

Since then, the original "Blue Blade" seems to have disappeared from stores in my area, having been replaced by various types of stainless steel blade  which do not fragment properly in the microscalpel.

It is true that various surgical companies have produced a useable steel blade, but they are very expensive and, actually, not very sharp. By chance, a student of mine found two Blue Blades buried away somewhere, and has discovered that they are far sharper than the surgical blades we've used for many years.

Two questions:

(1) Does anybody know whether the Gillette Blue Blade is available anywhere in the world, and if so, how might I contact a supplier?

(2) If not, what brands of blade have you found useful for this purpose?

Many thanks,

Reuben Kaufman

Reuben Kaufman
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada T6G 2E9.
Fax: + (403) 492-9234
Phone: (403) 492-1279

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