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From:  James Cokendolpher <>
To: Acarlogy List <>
Date:  11/24/96 1:10pm
Subject:  socities and address change

Hi all,

For those that have not visited the page for arachnological societies and publications, please see the URL:

Because of budget constraints, I have had to drop all my foreign memberships/subscriptions and therefore will have to count on members of this list (even more than in the past) to keep me apprised of all changes and additions that should be made to the list.

Please be aware that my personal e-mail and telephone numbers are changing: After 1 December will no longer be valid. Please change my address to

telephone/fax (until 27 November)1-806-749-1055
telephone/fax (after 27 November) 1-806-744-0318

Best wishes,
James C. Cokendolpher
2007 29th Street, Lubbock, Texas 79411 USA

 From:  Glen Needham by way of Zhi-Qiang Zhang  <>
Date:  11/27/96 3:17am
Subject:  Mailing address for Acarology IX registrants

Dear Colleagues who attended Acarology IX in Columbus:

We are nearing completion of the proceedings and symposium is at the printer the other close behind. We need to update the addresses for those of you who have moved/changed address since July, 1994. If you or someone you know attended and a change in address is required, please send this to:

If you want the mailing addresses we currently have on file I can send it via e-mail.

If you have already notified me or another editor, please send the change anyway. If you paid the full registration or were awarded an honorary membership then you will receive both volumes, postpaid. Those who want the proceedings at the prepublication cost can still order at a reduced cost.
Contact if you want further information. Thanks for your considerable patience.


Glen Needham, Roger Mitchell, Dave Horn and Cal Welbourn

Glen Needham
Acarology Laboratory
Biological Sciences Building, Rm 211
The Ohio State University
484 W. 12th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210
Phone: 614-688-3026
Fax: 614-292-1538

CC: AGCAN.INTERNET("","rmitchel@magnus...


From:  ShaneM by way of Zhi-Qiang Zhang  <>
Date:  11/18/96 11:26am
Subject:  Volume on mite taxonomy available

Dr Shane F. McEvey
Production Editor, Scientific Publications
Australian Museum
6 College Street
tel + (612) 9320 6200
fax + (612) 9320 6073

 Dr Zhi-Qiang Zhang
International Institute of Entomology
56 Queen's Gate
London SW7 5BD

Dear Dr Zhang,

A forthcoming issue of the Records of the Australian Museum contains taxonomic material that will be of interest to researchers working on the Acari. May we place the following notice on your list?

The December, 1996 issue of the Records of the Australian Museum, is devoted to four papers on Australian oribatid mites (Acarina: Cryptostigmata), by Glenn S. Hunt. The 138  pages review the Australian fauna for the families  Pedrocortesellidae, Pheroliodidae and Hammeriellidae and describe three new genera and more than 40 species (33 new) from soil and arboreal habitats. The world distribution of  the families is briefly discussed and keys are given to genera and species in Australia. The paper is profusely illustrated with scanning electron micrographs of  exceptional quality. Several explanatory figures are  provided which illustrate key morphological characters.

This special issue will be available direct from the publishers: the Australian Museum; pre-publication orders are welcome.

Price AU$33.00; economy air postage and handling AU$9.20 (or AU$3.00 within Australia). Visa or MasterCard orders should be accompanied by card number, expiry date and name of  cardholder. Otherwise payment must be made in Australian Dollars (AUD) by bank cheque, bank draft or international  money order (no personal cheques please). Pro-forma invoices can be posted if required.

Address orders to: Dr S.F. McEvey, Production Editor
              Scientific Publications, Australian Museum, 6 College
             Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000, AUSTRALIA. Internet:
    Fax: (+612) 9320 6073.

Thank you,


From:  Hans Zijlstra  by way of Zhi-Qiang Zhang  <>
Date:  11/28/96 12:13pm
Subject:  Announcement of the new book 'Eriophyoid Mites'

Eriophyoid Mites
Their Biology, Natural Enemies and Control

Edited by E.E. Lindquist, M.W. Sabelis and J. Bruin

World Crop Pests Volume 6

This book is a timely compilation of synthesized information on behaviourally fascinating and economically important mites. The book gives much attention to fundamental aspects of eriophyoid anatomy, behaviour, ecology and even systematics, as bases for understanding the ways of life of eriophyoid mites and their effects on host plants; in turn, this will lead to developing the most appropriate means of regulating mites as detrimental or beneficial organisms. It presents new views intended to stimulate interest in eriophyoids and their enemies, and it points to areas where further research is needed. This book is intended for extension workers, experts of acarology and plant protection as well as students, teachers and researchers.
Part 1    The Eriophyoidea
Part 2    Natural Enemies of Eriophyoid Mites
Part 3    Damage and Control of Eriophyoid Mites
Part 4    Beneficial effects of Eriophyoid Mites
Index of Eriophyoid Mite Species
Index of Host Plants

822 pages Hardbound
Price: NLG 480 (US$ 300)
ISBN 0-444-88628-1

Details can also be found in the Elsevier catalogue on the Internet:,  or contact Elsevier Science, P.O. Box 211,
1000 AE Amsterdam, The Netherlands,
tel.(+31) 20-485-3757, fax (+31) 20-485-3432, e-mail


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