UK biodiversity

  • Algae

    A collection of images of freshwater and terrestrial algae of the United Kingdom.

  • Amateurs as Experts
    Amateurs as Experts

    A three year study of volunteer naturalists, biodiversity scientists and policy makers involved in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan process.

  • Female mole flea
    Distribution of British fleas

    Over 2500 species of flea have been recognised worldwide and it is estimated that this number could eventually increase by 50 per cent.

  • Mine of Trachys minutus on Ulmus minor.
    The leaf and stem mines of British flies and other insects

    An account of around 900 British leaf, stem, twig, bark and samara mines from flies, moths, sawflies and beetles.

  • The great yellow bee Bombus distinguendus
    UK Species

    The UK species inventory provides all names for a given UK species ensuring accurate recording and tracking of UK biodiversity.