Global biodiversity

  • Female Conchoecilla daphnoides
    Atlas of Atlantic Planktonic Ostracods

    Taxonomy and distribution of oceanic plankonic Ostracoda in the Atlantic.

  • Lemur
    Frozen Ark

    The Frozen Ark project aims to collect, preserve and store the DNA and viable cells of animals in danger of extinction. It focuses on the thousands of invertebrate and vertebrate animals that are expected to disappear within a few decades.

  • Damnux – undescribed species from dipterocarp seed
    Insects feeding on tropical forest seeds

    Insects or seed predators found feeding on the fruit of Dipterocarps trees in the tropical rainforests of Indonesia.

  • Parrot
    Project Biomap

    Project Biomap has gathered and digitized Colombian bird specimens from 86 collections across the world, with key collections from Instituto de Ciencias Naturales, National University (ICN, Bogotá), American Museum of Natural History, and The Natural History Museum London.

  • Solanaceae source logo
    Solanaceae source

    Providing a worldwide taxonomic monograph of the nightshade family, Solanaceae.