Atlas of Atlantic Planktonic Ostracods

by Martin Angel, Kasia Blachowiak-Samolyk and Vladimir Chavtur

Planktonic ostracods are a neglected component of mesoplanktonic communities, despite being almost ubiquitous throughout the world’s oceans. Currently 209 species of halocyprid and 8 myodocopid ostracods have been described from oceanic waters. In addition there are 34 species of the family Thaumatocyprididae, which are predominantly either benthic or cavernicolous. 

This site only considers only the holoplanktonic oceanic species and does not deal with any of the neritic and meroplanktonic species.

  • Paramollicia major

    An introduction to the ostracod species found in the Atlantic Ocean and the environments in which they are found.

  • Dorsal view of female conchoecia magna-hyalophyllum
    Atlas of Atlantic Ostracods

    Learn more about Atlantic ostracods by using the Atlas.

  • Male Conchoecissa imbricata
    What is a halocyprid ostracod?

    Find out more about the taxonomy and anatomy of the most prolific ostracods in the Atlantic Ocean

  • Dorsal view of Mikroconchoecia echinulata

    More about the authors of the Atlas of Atlanic Ostracods

  • Mikroconchoecia echinulata

    The authors would like to acknowledge contribution others have made to this project.