What is a halocyprid ostracod?

Taxonomic hierarchy

All the planktonic ostracods belong to the subclass Myodocopa, and most belong to the order Halocyprida, which lack obvious eyes. A few belong to the order Myodocopida Sars, 1866, which either have lateral compound eyes (Macrocypridina) or large central naupliar eyes with parabolic reflectors (Gigantocypris). 

Full taxonomic hierarchoy of planktonic Conchoecia magna

The full taxonomic hierarchy of the planktonic species Conchoecia magna.


Structure of halocyprid ostracods

All the ostracods have the body totally enclosed within their carapace (or shell). Adults typically have seven pairs of limbs, but the full set of limbs is only developed fully in adults. Juvenile instars have either fewer or only partially developed limbs. 

The myodocopids have distinctive characteristics; the description that follows is for a typical halocyprid species.

  • Orthoconchoecia bispinosa

    A description of the typical structure of a halocyprid ostracod carapace.

  • Limbs

    A detailed account of the limbs and appendages of halocyprid ostracods