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From:  Hans Klompen <>
To: <>
Date:  12/13/01 5:05am
Subject:  Acarology Summer Program at OSU

We are proud to announce the 2002 session of the Acarology Summer
Program to be held from June 24 - July 12 at the Ohio State University,
Columbus, Ohio.

For the 2002 session we will be offering the following workshops:


This one-week workshop will present an overview of the identification,
systematics and biology of the major groups of Acari.  A second
emphasis will be on the techniques (study,  collection, preservation)
used in acarology. The course is designed as either a stand alone
course or as an introduction for the novice to prepare for the other,
more specialized, workshops (Klompen)

SOIL ACAROLOGY (June 24 - July 12)

This three-week workshop will concentrate on the Acari associated with
soil and litter.  Week one will concentrate on Mesostigmata (Walter),
week two on Prostigmata (Welbourn), and week three on Oribatida
(Norton).  Arrangements for additional lecturers are being finalized.
The main emphasis is on identification and systematics of both adults
and immatures, but this course will have a strong secondary emphasis on
ecology and life-history.


This workshop will review the various Acari associated with humans and
domestic animals. Week one will concentrate on ticks (Ixodida), while
week two covers all other groups of mites. In addition to the main
emphasis of identification, tick week will include extensive
discussions of disease transmission (Needham, Schwan, Klompen).  Week
two will include discussions of various Mesostigmata and Astigmata
(including feather mites, OConnor), chiggers (Trombiculoidea,
Welbourn), and miscellaneous Prostigmata (Klompen) in addition to
detailed discussions of dust mites (Needham)


A combination of increasing costs and slightly declining enrollment has
forced us to schedule most workshops in alternating years.  For 2002
that means that AGRICULTURAL ACAROLOGY is not on the program.  We
realize that this may inconvenience some potential participants, and we
are willing to reconsider if we have a clear interest for this
workshop.  If you would have liked to take the Agricultural Acarology
workshop in 2002, let us know as soon as possible (preferably before
the end of January).  If enough people express interest, we will try to
add this workshop.  We need to know early as such an addition would
require a major reorganization of the workshops.

Information on registration, fee structure, and financial aid can be
found on our web-site or by contacting
Glen Needham ( or Hans Klompen (

Dr. Hans Klompen

Ohio State University                      | Tel: (614) 292-7180

Museum of Biological Diversity      | FAX: (614) 292-7774

1315 Kinnear Rd.                            | E-mail:

Columbus, OH 43212-1192

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