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Date:  8/3/98 4:13pm
Subject:  Request for reprints (Eriophyoidea)

Dear fellow acarologists

I don't want to use the list for reprint requests too regularly - but I'm sort of in a dilemma.  I need to consult some "obscure" and old articles for information on Cecidophyes galii (Karpelles) (Eriophyidae) before the end of August.  The particular articles are  not available in South Africa, and apart from the costs involved, it will take quite a long time to obtain it through the "normal" channels via a library.  Could someone please help?

3 articles are involved:
(1) The most important one:
Karpelles, L. 1884. U"ber Gallmilben (Phytoptus Duj.) Sitzungsberichte der kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften. Mathematisch-naturwissenschaftliche Classe. Abtheilung 1. (Vienna). 90(1): 46-55, f. 1-11.

Of the next two articles I only have these references - unfortunately not complete:
(2) Amerling, U"ber die Naturo"konomie der Milben. Ges. Aufs., S. 196.
(3) Thomas, 1869. U"ber Phytoptus Duj. etc. Zeitschr. f. ges. Naturw. Bd. 33,  S. 344, 22 u.a.o.

Best wishes and thanks in advance!
Charnie Craemer

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Date:  8/4/98 6:29pm
Subject:  (Fwd) position in NZ available

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Date:           Wed, 5 Aug 1998 09:16:00 +1300
From:          Dianne Gleeson <GleesonD@LANDCARE.CRI.NZ>
Subject:       position in NZ available

Invertebrate Systematist (Acari)

Landcare Research, Mt Albert Research Centre, Auckland, New Zealand

Landcare Research conducts biosystematics research on New Zealand' land invertebrates using its extensive collections, databases, library, and laboratory resources.

We seek a systematist (acarologist) to join our biosystematics team based at Mount Albert, Auckland to conduct biosystematic research on priority groups of New Zealand Acari. You will have proven skills in mite systematics, including the preparation of taxonomic revisions. You should be conversant with the use of cladistic methodologies, and appreciate the scope and application of molecular techniques.  Experience in biodiversity assessment and species conservation would be an asset.

You will have a PhD or equivalent  in invertebrate systematics,  and experience in field work and database use. You will be expected to work in a project-orientated team environment. In addition to conducting research in systematics and biodiversity, you will have responsibilities for collection
development, routine identifications, and related consultancies.

Applications close on 28 August 1998.

Information about Mt Albert activities is available on our Web site:, and research activities of the organisation at

Our Web site at http:/ provides further information, plus the position description and a downloadable application form.

For further information contact Dr Ross Beever, Landcare Research,
 Private Bag 92 170, AUCKLAND, New Zealand    (telephone +64-9-815 4200 ex 7310, Fax +64-9-849 7093, E-mail

Completed applications (closing date 28 August 1998) are to be sent to:

        Site Administrator (Helen Lindsay)
        Landcare Research
        Private Bag 92 170
        AUCKLAND, New Zealand

From:  Diana Sammataro <>
Date:  8/13/98 3:08am
Subject:  soil mites

I have a fellow here interested in looking at his soil samples for mites as well as nematodes and insects. Is there a quick protocol for extracting soil mites I could emial him?

Thanks in advance,


Pennsylvania State University Bee Lab
Department of Entomology
507 Agricultural Sciences and Industries Building
University Park, PA 16802
Lab: (814) 865 2810  Fax: (814) 865 3048

From:  Petri Airasvirta <>
Date:  8/13/98 11:48pm
Subject:  Notoedres

I want from the species from the ones following information, a tick: Notoedres notoedres and Notoedres cati. I know that N. notoedres lives in the Syrian hamster but it does have other masters? I know, N. cati, that the host is a  Syrian hamster, rabbit and cat, there are others? What kind of a life circulation is on these species? I am interested of everybody from the articles which are related to these animals.

Petri Airasvirta
Vanhanlinnankuja 1 F 108
FIN-00900 Helsinki

From:  "J. May Home Inspections" <>
Date:  8/15/98 9:31pm
Subject:  Mite technique

I have my first mite colony living on fish food.  I would like to start different colonies by transfering these to other food sources.  Any suggestions for doing this in the least injurious fashion.

Thank you.

Jeffrey May

From:  <>
Date:  8/15/98 10:03am
Subject:  submission on food acari from

>Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1998 18:50:10 +0100
>From: Aleardo Zacccheo <>
>Subject: Food acari
>Dear Sirs, Ladies
>I am a food microbiologist who recently found a strong invasion of  acari in bunderfleish  (dreid
>beef), I am therefore interested on the effect of pH in the colonization of foodstuff  by acari and the
>esxcretion products of these arthropods as it pertains to its ability to influence the pH of the subs-
>trata(food).  Can anyone please give me some information or a lead to someone who has experience
>on this matter?
>Thank you in advance
>A. Zaccheo

From:  <>
Date:  8/15/98 10:01am

Dr. Zhi-Qiang Zhang
c/o Department of Entomology, The Natural History Museum, London SW7 5BD, UK; Phone:44-171-938-9535; Fax:44-171-938-9309

Please note the new web address

From:  <>
Date:  8/19/98 5:44am
Subject:  New Guinea 2000 expedition organized by Roy Wiles

Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 15:40:08 +0100
From: Roy Wiles <>
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Subject: New Guinea 2000 expedition
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      I am organising a millenniun expedition to cross the island of  New Guinea. If you are interested in collecting from the island or doing research as part of this project visit our website and contact me at

The website address is

I shall be collecting and studying the water mites.

All the best


From:  Charmian Collie <>
Date:  8/25/98 1:01pm
Subject:  Tick Question

Could you answer this question for me? I think mites have six legs to begin with and then move on to eight legs so I'm guessing they only use their original six legs to crawl on but am looking for a definitive answer. Thanks.

How many legs does a tick crawl around on?

Charmi Collie

From:  "Denise Navia M. Ferreira" <>
Date:  8/26/98 10:25am
Subject:  groups working Ornithonyssus

I'd like do make contact with people working with control of Ornithonyssus silviarum. We are having serious problems with this parasite in poultries in Sao Paulo, Brazil and we are looking for some method to control infestation without chemical products.

Thank you,

Denise Navia
Brasilia, Brazil

From:  Tingkui Qin <>
Date:  8/27/98 1:24am
Subject:  Reminder -- Systematist (Acari) at NZAC, applications close 28August 1998

A reminder that the position of systematist (Acari) with the New Zealand Arthropod Collection (NZAC) at Landcare Research, Auckland, New Zealand closes on 28 August 1998.

Background information on Landcare Research, together with a description of the responsibilities of the position and downloadable application form are available on the Web site:

If you wish to apply, but cannot complete your application by the deadline of 28 August 1998, please contact Dr Ross Beever or Helen Lindsay immediately (see contact details below).

Applications are to be sent to: Helen Lindsay, Landcare Research, Private Bag 92170, AUCKLAND, New Zealand.  (Email:; telephone: +64-9-815 4200 ext. 7084; fax: +64-9-849 7093).

Further information is available from the team leader, Dr Ross Beever (; telephone: +64-9-815 4200 ext. 7310; fax: +64-9-849 7093).

From:  <>
Date:  8/29/98 6:53am
Subject:  FREE online journal: acarology bulletin

Dear colleagues:

I am pleased to announce that <ACAROLOGY BULLETIN>, the newsletter of the Systematic and Applied Acarology Society, is now online at:

Full texts of current issues and all back volumes can now be viewed FREE of charge either online or downloaded for viewing/printing later.

<Acarology Bulletin> publishes news and announcements related to acarology. Lists of new books and book reviews are inlcuded, along with lists of current papers published in acarological journals such as Acarologia, International Journal of Acarology, Experimental & Applied Acarology, Journal of the Japanese Acarological Society, and Systematic & Applied Acarology.  Bibliographies of specific topics and short notes on topics of general interests are occosionally published. For further information, please contact the editor:

Dr. Renjie HU
Institute of Arthropodology and Parasitology
Georgia Southern University
P.O. Box 8056
Statesboro, GA 30460
FAX 912 681-0559

Other information about Systematic and Applied Acarology Society and its publications can be found at:

With best wishes,

Zhi-Qiang Zhang

Dr. Zhi-Qiang Zhang
 c/o Department of Entomology, The Natural History Museum, London SW7 5BD,
UK; Phone:44-171-938-9535; Fax:44-171-938-9309

Please note the new web address

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