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From:  Gareth Hutchinson <>
Date:  7/6/98 1:15am
Subject:  Acaricides/Repellents for ticks on horses

I am trying to locate technical information on registered acaricides for ticks on horses, especially any with repellent activity. The following are currently regist ered for use on horses in Australia, and may or may not have effects against ticks: Asuntol, Baricade "S", Bayticol and a carbaryl-based dry shampoo, Permoxin (permethrin).
The target tick species we are interested in are Boophilus microplus, Rhipicephalus sanguineus, Ixodes holocyclus, and Haemaphysalis longicornis (all indigenous australian ticks) and a range of exotic ticks which act as vectors for equine piroplasmosis and might be introduced into Australia.

Any information on current sources would be appreciated.
Thank you
Gareth W Hutchinson, PhD
Conjoint Senior Lecturer
c/o Australian Institute of Tropical Veterinary and Animal Science
School of  Biomedical & Molecular Sciences
James Cook University
TOWNSVILLE, Qld 4811, Australia
Phone: Intl + 61(0)7 4781-4488
Fax: Intl + 61(0)7 4779-1526

From:  <>
Date:  7/8/98 10:18am
Subject:  Symposium Announcement

Date: Wed, 08 Jul 1998 15:01:08 +0100
From: Martin Smith <>
Subject: Symposium Announcement

Dear Colleagues,

A Symposium on the Pathogenesis and Management of Tick-Borne Diseases will take place in Vienna, Austria on the 28-30th September 1998. Further information can be found at:

OR, contact:

Martin Smith.

CC: Martin Smith <>

From:  Helena Nordenfors <>
Date:  7/7/98 6:46am
Subject:  Dr Martin?

Hello, to all of you!

I want to get in contact with a (former?) member of the acarology list, Dr Stephen Martin. Does anyone know his e-mail address (or possibly his "snail-mail" address)? The present address I have is but it has "permanent fatal errors: User unknown" according to my server.

I would be very pleased if anyone could help me!

Helena Nordenfors

From:  Olivier Bonato <>
Date:  7/14/98 1:09pm
Subject:  (no subject)

I would apreciate very much if someone could give me informations about mite brushing machines, i.e., adresses and  prices etc...

Dr. Olivier Bonato
Lab. Quarentena CNPMA - EMBRAPA
C.P. 69 - CEP 13820-000 Jaguaríuna SP - BRAZIL
Tel: +55 19 867 87 96/91 - Fax: +55 19 236 88 62

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