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 From:  <>
Date:  9/9/98 11:01am
Subject:  Arm ant mites; request for help from Barry OConnor

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Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 10:01:30 -0400
From: "Barry M. OConnor" <>
Subject: help with army ant mites

Dear Colleagues - I am working through a large collection of mites collected from African army ants by Dr. Bill Gotwald.  Most of the species are astigmatid mites, the group with which I have the most familiarity, and I have been able to sort these to family and genus.  I also have four species of mesostigmatid mites for which I am having trouble identifying the family. These mites are all deutonymphs and share a number of characters indicating that they belong to a single group.  Of gamasine groups with phoretic deutonymphs, these seem most similar to the Rhodacaroidea, but I'm unfamiliar with the diversity of these mites in Africa.
        I've placed some notes on the morphology and some photomicrographs of these mites on my web site and am asking anyone who is interested to have a look and send me their thoughts by e-mail to:
    Here's the site:

Thanks! - Barry

Barry M. OConnor                phone: (734) 763-4354
Museum of Zoology               FAX: (734) 763-4080
University of Michigan          e-mail:
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1079  USA

From:  <>
Date:  9/9/98 12:02pm
Subject:  New Guinea 2000

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Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1998 18:06:11 EDT
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Subject: New Guinea 2000
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I  have had a hard disc failure and have lost the mail sent to me from interested parties. If you have mailed me and have not had a reply please would you email me again.

New Guinea 2000 is a project to cross the island of New guinea in millennium year. Further details are to be found on

Apologies to all

Back up your hard disk!


From:  Troy Whidden <>
Date:  9/9/98 1:36pm
Subject:  Internal mites

Dear All:

Over the past two field seasons I have come across internal mites of bumble bees (Bombus spp.). I believe that I am dealing with one type of mite, but would be very interested in finding out what, exactly, it is.

The only type of mite that I've read about being an internal parasite of bumble bees is Locustacurus buchneri. I hava a paper describing these mites with some very good diagrams but I'd like to get another, more expert, opinion as to what they are.

If anyone (preferably in Canada) would like to take a look at them, please drop me a line - I currently have some preserved in 70% ethanol.

Any comments, questions, etc. are welcomed.


Troy Whidden

Division of Ecology
Department of Biological Sciences
The University of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2N 1N4

From:  Paul Pratt <>
To: "" <>
Date:  9/10/98 11:22am
Subject:  T. arboreus

Does anyone maintain a colony of T. arboreus?  The colonies I have tried to rear have failed miserably.  Any information on rearing this mite or sources for acquiring a population would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance,  Paul Pratt
Paul D. Pratt
Dept. of Entomology
Cordley Hall 2046
Corvallis, OR. 97331
(541) 737-5524

From:  Tetsuo Gotoh <>
Date:  9/14/98 1:34am
Subject:  Prof. Margolies

Acarology friends,
 I would like to contact to Prof. Margolies, Kansas State University, as quickly as possible, to talk about the 4th International Symposium on Population Dynamics of  Plant-Inhabiting Mites to be held in Kyoto, 1999. I have sent him letters and e-mails several times during the last two months, but so far I have not heard anything from him. I will be pleased if anyone could let me know where he is now and his address. Thank you very much for your cooperation in advance.
 With my best regards,

Tetsuo Gotoh  (_____300-0393  _________________
Laboratory of Applied Entomology & Zoology
Faculty of Agriculture, Ibaraki University
Ami, Ibaraki, 300-0393 JAPAN
Tel/Fax: +81-298-88-8560

From:  <>
Date:  9/16/98 12:46pm
Subject:  second announcement of saas symposium

>Date: Sun, 13 Sep 1998 15:16:20 +0800
>From: Xiaoyue HONG <>
>Subject: second announcement of saas symposium

The Second Announcement of SAAS First International Symposium

The First International Symposium of Systematic and Applied Acarology Society will be held during 11-16 October, 1998 in Guiyang, China. Registration will take place on 11 Ocotber at Dianxin Hotel(Telcommunication Hotel), Huaxi, Guiyang city, Guizhou  Province, China. Registration fee: RMB 600 yuan before 15 Setember, RMB 650 yuan after 15 Setember (1 US$ is about 8.5 RMB).

There will be a bus service provided by the organizing committee from the Guiyang Airport and  Guiyang Railway Station to the hotel on the registration day. The service time is from 8:30 pm to 20:30 am.

Any acarologist from any country is very welcome to attend the meeting.

                    SAAS council
                    Acarology committee of Entomological Society of China
                    Guizhou University
For further infprmation:

Dr Xiaoyue HONG <>

Date:  9/28/98 3:57pm
Subject:  Psoroptidae

Dear colleagues,
 Can you perhaps help me with references to the morphology of  Psoroptes cuniculi/ovis, especially the mouthparts.  Thanking you in  anticipation.
Kind regards
Eddie Ueckermann

ARC-Plant Protection Research Institute
Biosystematics Division
Private Bag X134
0001 South Africa

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