Botanical collections

  • Anemone pavonina, a flowering Mediterranean plant species
    Botanical specimens

    Search the Museum's digital collections for botanical specimens.

  • Commelina erecta
    Plant diversity in Paraguay

    Search a database of flowering plants and ferns from Paraguay and find out how plant inventories are aiding conservation.

  • Guelder rose
    The George Clifford Herbarium

    A prolific collector, Clifford employed Carl Linnaeus to catalogue his garden and herbarium.

  • Indigofera tinctoria
    The Paul Hermann Herbarium

    Hermann's dried plants and drawings represent the first major botanical collection from the East Indies.

  • Hydrophyllum virginianum
    The John Clayton Herbarium

    One of the earliest plant collectors in Virginia, Clayton contributed many type specimens to Linnaean classification.

  • Gridscale maiden fern
    The Sir Hans Sloane Herbarium

    Sloane amassed a collection so large it formed the foundation of the Natural History Museum. The Herbarium contains volumes from his pioneering voyage to Jamaica.