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Bryophytes of Réunion Island: taxonomic workshop and field meeting - 2008

La Réunion is a tropical oceanic island of geologically recent volcanic origin, situated in the south-west of the Indian Ocean, 800 km east of Madagascar.  The dramatic mountainous peaks of the central highlands reach altitudes of 3000 m and this remarkable variety of habitats harbours a very rich and interesting bryophyte flora. 

In September 2008, several members of the BBS-Tropical Bryology Group participated in a taxonomic workshop on Réunion Island, hosted by the Université de La Réunion  and La Réunion Parc National. A team of 17 bryologists assembled to collaborate with research on the bryophyte flora of the island by teaching on their family or genera of expertise and making collections of bryophytes from under-collected areas on the island.  An important aspect of the meeting was to go out in the field with local botanists and conservation managers who were interested in learning more about the diverse bryophyte flora of the island. New records resulting from the meeting were published in the paper:

Ah-Peng, C., Bardat, J., Ellis, L., Malombe, I., Matcham, H., Pócs, T., Porley, R., Seneca, A., Söderstrom, L., Wilbraham, J.  (2010).  Additions to the bryoflora of Réunion Island 3: new and interesting records from the Tropical Bryology Group (British Bryological Society).  Journal of Bryology 32: 288-295