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Generic Guide to the Bryophytes of Sub-Saharan Africa

The Guide to Bryophytes of sub-Saharan Africa (GBA) is an online flora project aiming to provides keys, descriptions and illustrations of tropical African bryophyte genera. GBA project pages.

Bryophytes of the Mascarene Islands: La Réunion, 2008

Several members of the TBG contributed to a taxonomic workshop on La Réunion in September 2008. This collaborative project was initiated by colleagues based at Université de la Réunion, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris and the University of Cape Town. Réunion project pages

Mosses and Liverworts of Uganda

The TBG expeditions to Uganda (1996-1998) resulted in a large number of specimen collections which are being studied for a floristic treatment.   A species level bryophyte flora of Uganda published as an ongoing series in the Journal of Bryology.  Individual family treatments will be added as they are available.  Ugandan project pages.  

Malawi Expedition, 1991

The bryophyte collections made on this expedition have resulted in a number of taxonomic papers in the series British Bryological Society Expedition to Mulanje Mountain, Malawi. Malawi project pages.