History of the TBG

The BBS Tropical Bryology Group was established in 1989, in response to the threat to bryophytes caused by continuing damage to the tropical environment.

TBG Newsletters

The newsletter contains a review of progress on TBG projects, news of members and their activities, accounts of any relevant meetings, news of tropical bryology interest, and relevant new publications.

TBG Progress Reports

The TBG progress reports are published in the British Bryological Society bulletin Field Bryology and provide a summary of TBG activities.

Objectives, Aims and Operational Description


Specific aims

Operational description

The group will be called the British Bryological Society Tropical Bryology Group (TBG).

The TBG is a 'special interest group' within the BBS, and will have no formal constitution other than this description of its objectives, aims and operations. It will have an AGM on the same day as the BBS AGM. Any problems not resolvable by the TBG AGM will be referred to BBS Council, to which the TBG is subject.

Membership of the TBG is by active interest only, and any BBS member may become a member by registering their interest with the coordinator.

TBG activities will be described in progress reports in the BBS Bulletin.

Any events or activities that require general communication within the group will be communicated via an irregular newsletter, by the coordinator.

TBG co-ordinator: J. Wilbraham, Natural History Museum London. Contact.