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From:  "Gamal M. Mahmoud AbdelLatif" <>
To: acarology <>
Date:  2/5/97 5:27am
Subject:  A key of Tarsonemidae ( Thank you )

Dear Colleagues,

I'm verey gratful to your kind responses to me, it were verey helpful.

Thanks agine. Have a nice time

 Ehab M. Bakr

From:  "Dr. Eddie Ueckermann" <PPRIEAU@PLANT4.AGRIC.ZA>
Date:  2/5/97 7:05am
Subject:  Change of E-mail address

Dear colleagues,

    To inform you that as from Monday 10-02-1997 my E-mail address and telephone number will change. We are moving to a new premises. As soon as I know my new address I will inform you. It may be that we will be of the network for a few days. Our new telephone number is 27-12-329 3272 and the new fax no. is 27-12-329 3278.

Best wishes

Eddie A. Ueckermann

From:  Thomas Morwinsky <>
Date:  2/8/97 7:43pm
Subject:  Cheyletidae (Cheyletus eruditus)

Dear Alls,
I'm looking for the two below mentioned articles and wasn't able tofind them by now. If someone could send me these articles or a source to order from, I would be very glad. Please send your e-mail to my address, not the listserver.

Volgin, V.I.
Acarina of the family Cheyletidae of the world
Keys to the Fauna of the USSR. 1989, 101: 532 pp.

Emekci, M./ Toros, S.
Studies on the biology of Cheyletus eruditus (Schrank) (Acari:
Cheyletidae) under laboratory conditions
Turkiye III. Biyolojik Mucadele Kongresi Bildirileeri

Thank You very much for your courtesy
Thomas Morwinsky

Thomas Morwinsky
Zoologisches Institut der CAU, Lehrstuhl fuer Oekologie
Olshausenstr. 40
24098 Kiel
Tel.: +49 431 880 4147
 Fax: +49 431 880 4694

From:  Bruce Halliday <>
Date:  2/11/97 10:58pm
Subject:  International Congress

Dear colleagues,

By now you should have received the first circular announcing the 1998 International Congress of Acarology. If you have not received the first circular, please contact the Australian Convention and Travel Service at the address below and ask to be put on the list to receive the second circular.  Their address is :

10th International Congress of Acarology
Australian Convention and Travel Service Pty Ltd
GPO Box 2200
Canberra ACT 2601

Bruce Halliday

Dr R. B. Halliday
Principal Research Scientist (Acarology)
CSIRO Division of Entomology
GPO Box 1700
Canberra ACT 2601

International Fax 61-6-2464000
Local Fax (06) 2464000
Telephone (06) 2464085

From:  Horacio Vera <>
To: "" <>
Date:  2/12/97 11:14am
Subject:  congress

-- [ From: Horacio Vera * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

I am intersted in receiving the second circular for the International Congress of Acarology Thank you

Sincerely yours

Prof. Horacio VERA Dept. de Ecologia Facultad de Ciencias Calle T. Narvaja
1674 11200 Montevideo Uruguay

From:  Enrico de Lillo <>
Date:  2/26/97 6:06am
Subject:  IX Acarology

Dear colleagues,
I would like to know when the proceedings of the IX International Congress of Acarology, Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A., will be pubblished. I suppose that many other acarologists that were in Columbus want to know this.
Thank you.

Enrico de Lillo

Dr. Enrico de lillo
office: Istituto di Entomologia Agraria, Universita' degli Studi di Bari
via Amendola, 165/a, 70126 Bari, I - Italy
tel.  (international code) 080 5443105
fax (international code) 080 5442876/ 5442813
home: via Azzarita, 80, 70056 Molfetta, Bari, I - Italy
tel. (international code) 080 3380121

From:  Akarologie <>
Date:  2/21/97 4:20am
Subject:  Address

Dear Acarologists
I need the E-mail address of Dr S. Mahunka. Could anybody help?

Lorinda Grobler
Dept. of Acarology, Nasionale Museum,
P.O. Box 266, Bloemfontein 9300, Suid-Afrika / South Africa
Tel. +27-(0)51-4479609       Fax. +27-(0)51-4476273

From:  Gordon Ramel <>
To: Non Receipt Notification Requested <acarology-owne...
Date:  2/22/97 5:51am
Subject:  Re: address

Hi All,
           Just to let you know that a new journal, "Journal of Insect Conservation"  ISSN = 1366-138X  (Vol. 1 4 issues in 1997), is on its way it will be published by Chapman and Hall see ( and or This is a peer-reviewed journal published in association with the British Butterfly Conservation Society.

Prof. Paul Erlich (USA)
Prof. Edward Wilson (USA)
Prof. Dan Janzen (USA)

Editor: Dr Andrew Pullin (UK)

Associate Editor: Prof. Michael Samways (South Africa)

Editorial Board:
Prof. Paul Brakefield (Netherlands)
Dr Hugh Danks (Canada)
Mr Adrian Fowles (UK)
Dr Tim New (Australia)
Dr Keith Brown (Brazil)
Dr Roger Dennis (UK)
Dr Ilkka Hanski (Finland)
Dr Joseph Settele (Germany)
Dr Martin Warren (UK)
Prof. Carol Boggs (USA)

Print and Internet Access
$360 (USA/Canada) ?215 (EU) ?235 (The rest of the World)
$136 (USA/Canada) ?80 (EU) ?85 (The rest of the World)

Print Only Rate
$329 (USA/Canada) ?195 (EU)  ?215 (The rest of the World)


In North and South America return to: Subscriptions Dept RSP, Chapman and Hall,
 Suite 750, Philidelphia, PA 19106. USA. Call toll-free 800 552 5866. Tel: (+1)
215 574 2230, Fax: (+1) 215 2292; E-mail
In the rest of the world return to: Chapman and Hall, Subscriptions Dept, ITPS
Ltd, Cheriton house, North Way, Andover Hants, SP10 5BE, UK. Tel: +44 (0)1264
342713; Fax +44 (0)1264 342807; E-mail:


          Yours Gratefully Gordon

        < or>
        < Phone work = +44 (0)1837 82558 ext. 173 Home = +44 (0)1837 82657>
        < Fax work = +44 (0)1837 82139>
        < Flat 1, 6 High St. North Tawton, Devon, England.  EX20 2HF.>

                  Children are the guardians of the future,
     knowledge should neither be inflicted on, nor withheld from them.

                 "felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas"

From:  "Dr. Eddie Ueckermann" <RIETEAU@PLANT2.AGRIC.ZA>
Date:  2/24/97 9:47am
Subject:  Nw address

Hi colleagues,
    Just to inform you about my new E-mail address, viz:
    Best wishes
    Eddie A. Ueckermann

From:  Barry M. OConnor <>
To: Zhi-Qiang Zhang <>
Date:  2/26/97 8:43am
Subject:  Re: Can you help

At 4:18 AM 2/26/97, Zhi-Qiang Zhang wrote:
>Can you help? If yes, reply directly to the mite infected person.
  I am hoping that maybe somebody
>>might be able to help me to cure this debilitating condition.

I think we need to be very careful with postings such as the one from the person infested with "scabies."  The net is not the place to be doing medical diagnoses nor prescribing treatments.  Assuming the individual who originally sent the post was infected "on  my whole body, including scalp and face," this suggests a more serious immune deficiency.  I would strongly recommend leaving such problems between the patient and her physician.

Barry M. OConnor                phone: (313) 763-4354
Museum of Zoology               FAX: (313) 763-4080
University of Michigan          e-mail:
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1079  USA

From:  Akarologie <>
Date:  2/21/97 4:12am
Subject:  address

Dear Acarologists,
I need the e-mail address of Prof J-i Aoki. Could anybody help?
Lorinda Grobler
Dept. of Acarology, National Museum,
P.O. Box 266, Bloemfontein 9300, South Africa
Tel. +27-(0)51-4479609       Fax. +27-(0)51-4476273

From:  "Van Schagen, John" <>
To: "'Acarology listserver'" <>
Date:  2/19/97 2:53pm
Subject:  European red mite

Dear Acarologists,

I am trying to find a list of plant spp. (or crops) that are known NOT to be hosts of the ERM, Panonychus ulmi.  My initial thought was that this might be difficult because people tend not to publish stuff like this, and so far I have only been able to find a list of known hosts and lots of references relating to the control of ERM.

Would anyone know of a list (or references) relating to NON-hosts of the ERM, in particular whether tree ferns are considered non-hosts.  The reason I ask this is because we're looking at revising the import restriction on a range of plants and produce from areas where the ERM is known to occur.

With many thanks,

John van Schagen
Quarantine Entomologist
Agriculture Western Australia
Western Australia


From:  Clive Bowman <>
To: Acarology <>
Date:  2/24/97 5:19am
Subject:  Paper Tape Reader

I have a lot of old experimental acarological data on paper tape - yes PAPER tape (I am a sad old individual !!!!!!).

I need to get this eventually into a MacIntosh system. However, I also have many networked PC systems that I could use as interim stages.

Does anyone know of a supplier of paper tape readers that can be interfaced easily to a PC or a MacIntosh ?

Does anyone still have this facility and could translate some tapes for me ? (about 10-15 reels?)


Clive Bowman
Live Data Process Ltd., 4 Nicholsons Lane, MAIDENHEAD, Berkshire, SL6
1HR, United Kingdom
Internet:          Tel: +44 - 1628 75353
         Fax: +44- 1628 76853
Live Data Process accepts Rich Text Format (RTF) Internet mail. Please indicate if you also accept RTF.

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